Secure your weight, bait and hook while you ride

SwingStopper prevents your weight from damaging the side of your boat while you ride — which lets you enjoy your day at sea stress-free.

Easy-access storage for your weight, bait & hook while they're out of water

Protection for your boat’s gelcoat

Handy storage for pliers, tools and bait

A free-swinging fishing weight can wreak havoc on your day at sea.

  • Does it make you angry when you hear a fishing weight hit the side of your boat? 
  • Does the sound make you wonder how much it will cost to fix your gelcoat after that last hit?
  • Do you get frustrated trying to find somewhere to safely store your weight, bait and hook when you are riding to the next fishing spot?
  • Do all of those things put you in a bad mood, getting in the way of you enjoying your fishing trip the way you wanted to? 

We believe you deserve to enjoy your day on the boat without worrying about where to safely store your weights and bait.

We've been had many fishing trips ruined by bad moods over swinging weights, too. We know that stress all too well!

We created a solution to stop the damage from swinging weights and the stress that comes with them, giving you a convenient way to stay stress-free while fishing.

Not only can SwingStopper protect your gelcoat, but you can enjoy these perks, too!

Install your SwingStopper effortlessly

With our adjustable strap and fastener, you can easily install your SwingStopper in minutes, making it simple to outfit your boat with one at every fishing station.

Hang it anywhere

With 9 holes in the sturdy strap, the Swingstopper can be fastened on any boat cleat, railing, or support pole, letting you secure your weights while riding and providing storage wherever you need it, so that you can spend less time tracking down your bait and tools and more time reeling in the next big fish.

Store more of what you need

SwingStopper’s large capacity lets you store not only the weight, bait, lure and hook you’re currently using, it can also hold additional bait, so that you can re-bait your hook quickly and conveniently, saving you a trip to the bait cooler.

3 Simple Steps to Stop the Swing Stress

Step 1: Order your SwingStopper

Order as many as you’d like; we recommend at least one for each rod station you plan on using at a time, so your gelcoat can be protected at every angler’s station.

Step 2: Install your SwingStopper

Easily install your SwingStoppers in minutes, protecting your gelcoat and maximizing your storage to make every rod station as convenient as possible.

Step 3: Fish with Peace of Mind

You’ll enjoy your day at sea worry-free, with your boat protected and your bait  and gear stored close-at-hand. The way deep-sea fishing was meant to be enjoyed!

SwingStopper Features

Single SwingStopper
  • Nearly Indestructible: Made of strong 3mm-thick silicone to stand up to any weight or impact, so you can trust it will be sturdy enough for your needs.
  • Non-Scarring Silicone Material: The smooth surface of the SwingStopper will guard your gelcoat from any impact, so when you throw in fishing weights, hooks, pliers or other tools, your know your boat is protected.
  • Large Storage Capacity: Our patent-pending design features over 97 cubic inches of storage to hold plenty of bait, tools, and your weight and hook, so you limit time spent reaching and searching elsewhere for the things you need. Perfect for in-shore fishing or deep-sea fishing.
  • Secure Fastener: Each SwingStopper comes with an easy-install silicone nut-and-bolt fastener for a secure grip, every time, allowing you peace of mind that it will stay where you put it. 
  • Easy-to-clean surface and interior: Cleans right along with the boat, hang to dry. If desired, it can be disinfected with vinegar between uses.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your SwingStopper, you can send it back within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase prices

What our customers have to say

What else can I use my SwingStopper for?

Store your prepped bait

Once you prep your bait, store it in your SwingStoppers for easy transit. Go from prep station to ice chest to installation on the boat in minutes!

Use it as a bait station

Keep your bait within arms’ reach for quicker re-baiting right where you’re standing. Less time spent walking to the cooler means more time enjoying your view!

Store your tools

SwingStopper’s large capacity makes it great for storing a variety of tools right where you’ll need them. Pliers, extra lures, towels, anything you need! 

Store personal items

Use additional SwingStoppers around your console to create more dry, safe storage for personal items such as cell phones and wallets. 

Use it off the boat, too!

Our customers have found uses for their SwingStoppers on golf carts, work stations, and even on their camera tripods to hold heavy camera batteries. Add storage anywhere you need it, the sky is the limit!

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