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“I’m sorry for what I said when your weight hit the boat the 20th time.”

My wife Alisha and I love to go deep sea fishing together. Many times I would see/hear/feel the weight of a 16oz. lead sinker smack into the side of my boat or hit the floor. It drove me insane and I would usually wind up yelling like a jerk. I realized there needed to be a compartment for these sinkers to give us an easy place to drop our hook and sinker when we’re moving to a new spot. So, we made one! We have several SwingStoppers all around our boat so they’re accessible from either side. We use some to store our bait and our weight and hooks, and some we use to store our tools and pliers to keep them handy. It saved my gelcoat, and my marriage! I hope it makes your fishing day more enjoyable, too.


Daniel George

Inventor of SwingStopper

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